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Rainbow Mountain Trek 2 Days


    Trip description


    Rainbow Mountain Trek Experience

    An extraordinary journey with our 2-Day Rainbow Mountain Trek in Peru, designed to transport you to the heart of the Andean wilderness. This exclusive adventure marries the raw beauty of the Peruvian Andes with the expertise of our local guides, ensuring an unforgettable experience far removed from the well-trodden paths. Our carefully crafted itinerary intertwines with sections of the renowned Ausangate circuit, guiding you through landscapes that promise constant awe and wonder.

    As you venture on this path less traveled, your first day culminates at the breathtaking Puchacocha pass (4,923 mt/ 16,150 ft). Here, surrounded by the untouched splendor of nature, you’ll find yourself enveloped in 360-degree vistas, standing in awe of the majestic Ausangate Glacier—a sight that embodies the grandeur of the Andes. The journey promises not just a trek but an immersion into a world where every element tells a story of time, tradition, and the forces of nature.

    The adventure intensifies on the second day with an early rise for a sunrise spectacle at Rainbow Mountain—a moment shared away from the crowds, offering serene solitude amidst the mountain’s famed colors. This trek is more than a physical journey; it’s a passage through diverse ecosystems, from wild desert terrains and glaciated peaks to rushing rivers and formidable mountain passes. It’s an invitation to explore the untouched and undiscovered, a step away from the hustle and bustle into a pristine realm where nature reigns supreme.

    Discover an ancient land where glaciers, lakes, and mountains painted in a spectrum of colors form a backdrop to traditional Quechua villages. Here, the guardians of the land watch over their herds of llamas and alpacas. Embrace the mysticism and spirituality that permeates the high Andes, with Ausangate standing tall as not only the highest peak in Cusco but also as a spiritual sentinel for its people. This ‘off the beaten track’ trek is not just a physical journey but a voyage into the heart of Andean culture, promising sights and experiences that are both rare and profound.


    • Duration                   :  2 Days/ 1 Nights
    • Tour type                  : Camping, adventure, and culture.
    • Accommodation      : 01 Night Camping
    • Meals                       : 02 breakfast,02 lunch and 01 dinner
    • Walking distance     : 15.4  km / 10.1  miles
    • Height gained          : 635 metros / feet
    • Temperature             : Minimum – 7 ° C ( ° F) / 15 ºC ( ° F) max.
    • Physical difficulty      :Challenge 4/5

        GROUP SIZE              : 08 people


    trip itinerary


    Your adventure commences before dawn breaks, with a 4:00 AM pick-up from your hotel in Cusco. Our private van transports you on a 3-hour journey to the small village of Alqatari, the starting point of your trek. Here, amidst the quiet beginnings of the day, our chef prepares a warming hot breakfast to fuel the exciting journey ahead, while our guides share invaluable insights about the trek, ensuring you’re fully equipped for the adventure that lies ahead.

    The trek begins in a sprawling green valley adorned with hundreds of grazing alpacas and local farmers tending to their lands. In the distance, the imposing figure of Ausangate Mountain serves as a majestic backdrop, hinting at the breathtaking landscapes you’re about to explore. As the trail ascends, you’ll approach the Puccacocha pass, sitting at an elevation of 5000m (16,400ft). Here, you’re greeted with a 360-degree view of unparalleled beauty, with the Ausangate glacier’s active presence creating a dynamic scene as it feeds into the lake below. This spot, arguably the most stunning on the entire Ausangate circuit, offers a moment of awe and reflection.

    The journey continues towards Anata, where a well-deserved lunch awaits at 4,713 mt/15,462 ft. After replenishing your energy, the trek ascends further to Warmisaya pass (4,996m / 16,390ft), offering the first glimpse of the iconic Rainbow Mountain in the distance. The day’s hike concludes as you descend to the serene lake Q’ellwacocha, where camp is set at 4,796 mt (15,7342 ft). Here, under the vast Andean sky, you’ll indulge in the exquisite flavors of Peruvian cuisine, prepared by our skilled chef.

    As night falls, the Andean wilderness transforms into an ethereal scene, with a sky brimming with constellations, the Milky Way, and shooting stars. Wrapped in the tranquility of the Andes and warmed by coca tea, you’ll sleep under a hotel of a thousand stars, enveloped by the breathtaking landscapes that surround you.

    This first day of the Rainbow Mountain Trek is not just a journey through the Andes but a passage into the heart of Peru’s natural and cultural splendor. It’s an invitation to step away from the everyday and into a world where every vista tells a story, every step is a discovery, and every moment is an unforgettable adventure. Join us as we traverse this ancient land, where the spirit of the Andes and the beauty of the Rainbow Mountain await to transform your perception of the natural world.

    • Meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner
    • Accommodation: camping facilities
    • Distance: 10.4 km / 7 miles
    • Walking time: 7 to 8 hours
    • Temperature: minimum 5 ° C (41 ° F) / max. 18 ° C ( ° F)
    • Physical difficulty: Challange 4/5


    The pinnacle of your Rainbow Mountain Trek awaits as dawn breaks over the Andean horizon. Today, you stand on the threshold of witnessing one of Peru’s most extraordinary natural wonders, the vibrant Vinicunca, known as Rainbow Mountain. As the first light of day touches the sky, we’ll gently wake you with a warming cup of coca tea right at your tent’s doorstep, followed by a hearty breakfast prepared by our chef to energize you for the day’s ascent.

    The journey from Anata to the Rainbow Mountain is as mesmerizing as the destination itself. With spirits high and anticipation building, our early start ensures that we reach Vinicunca ahead of the crowds, allowing you an intimate experience with this natural marvel. Upon arrival, you’re free to immerse yourself in the panoramic vistas of undulating colors that make Rainbow Mountain a place of surreal beauty. Take your time to explore, capture memories, and simply revel in the magic that surrounds you.

    The adventure doesn’t end at Rainbow Mountain. For those eager to explore further, we offer an optional visit to the Red Mountain Valley, another jewel in the Andean landscape. This extension adds another layer to your trekking experience, showcasing the diverse and out-of-this-world landscapes the Andes have to offer. The descent from these heights marks not an end but a celebration of the journey undertaken. Gathering at our departure point, we share in a final meal together, reminiscing about the experiences shared and the beauty witnessed.

    As we make our way back to Cusco, arriving at your hotel around 4 or 5 pm, reflection and fulfillment accompany you. This Rainbow Mountain Trek has not just been a physical journey but an exploration of nature’s extraordinary palette, a challenge met with determination, and an immersion into the heart of the Andes that will stay with you long after you’ve departed.

    Note: This itinerary stands as a testament to our commitment to offer an unparalleled experience, mindful of the unpredictability of nature and local conditions. Changes may occur, but our dedication to your experience and safety remains unwavering. We thank you for choosing this journey with us, for it’s not just a trek but a passage to understanding the majesty and mystery of the Peruvian Andes.

    • Meals: Breakfast, and lunch
    • Accommodation: camping facilities
    • Distance: 5 km / 3.1 miles
    • Rainbow mountain altitud : 5,026 mt/ 16,390 feet
    • Walking time: 3 to 4 hours
    • Temperature: minimum -7 ° C ( ° F) / max. 18 ° C ( ° F)
    • Physical difficulty: Moderate 3/5





    • Professional tour guide
    • Fees to access private land at Rainbow Mountain
    • Private transportation to/ from your hotel in Cusco
    • Food while trekking: 2 Breakfasts, 2 Lunches and 1 Dinner
    • Boiled cold water during the walk (after each meal starting from first day Lunch)
    • Pack mules and our staff will transport your belongings of  7 kg (16.5 pound) between campsites.
    • Mattress (foam)
    • Camping tents (Four-person size, accommodation for 2 people)
    • Dining tent with table, stools, cutlery, and kitchen
    • Oxygen tank and first aid kit

    Not Included

    • Essential personal trekking gear
    • Sleeping bag (can rent from the company)
    • Inflatable mattress (can rent from the company)
    • Walking sticks (can rent from the company)
    • Personal riding horse
    • Travel insurance
    • Gratuity for the support staff (muleteers, chef and guide)

    Packing List


    • Original passport
    • Backpack (must be very comfortable to carry all your belongings during the day)
    • Sleeping bag
    • Sleeping Bag Liner
    • Silicone earplugs
    • Hiking Shoes
    • Extra Flip flops or river shoes
    • Rainwear or rain poncho
    • Outerwear for the nights like a jacket, scarf, gloves and a woolly cap
    • Sunscreen, hat and sunglasses.
    • Comfortable hiking shoes
    • Light clothing
    • Trekking pants
    • Shirts or t-shirts (we recommend long sleeved) preferably quick-dry or regular cotton
    • Head lamp
    • Mosquito repellent
    • Quick-Drying Travel Towel
    • Personal medication
    • Walking stick with rubber bands on the tip
    • Reusable water bottle or CamelBak water bladder
    • Hand sanitizer gel
    • Toilet paper
    • Extra money

    Note: Remember that you have included horse transportation for your belongings up to 7 kg’s (16.5 pounds).



    $ 320.00 USD per person


    • 02 Hikers: $ 450.00 USD per person
    • 03 Hikers: $ 400.00 USD per person
    • 04 Hikers: $ 350.00 USD per person
    • 05 Hikers +: $ 320.00 USD per person

    Equipment rental 

    • Walking stick (1 pair):   $ 15.00 USD
    • Sleeping bag:                  $ 25.00 USD
    • Inflatable mattress:       $ 15.00 USD
    • Emergency horse riding: $ 70.00 USD

    Note: Transportation of your personal belongings along the trek up to 6 kg/15 pounds

    Rainbow Mountain Trek 2 Days

    From: 320 USD Per Person
    Type of Tour
    Camping, adventure, and culture
    Duration: 2 Days
    Activity Level
    Challenge 4/5

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