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    Trip description

    Explore The Ancascocha Trek In Peru

    An Undiscovered Journey to Machu Picchu in the Andes

    Embark on the Ancascocha Trek, a lesser-known but mesmerizing trail in the Andes, perfect for those seeking both adventure and serenity. This hidden gem, not yet widely traversed and offered by only a select few companies, holds the promise of becoming a sought-after destination. Praised by National Geographic as one of the world’s top 20 treks, the Ancascocha Trek is a journey waiting to be discovered.

    Winding through the northern Andes near Cusco, the trail unveils breathtaking landscapes: towering mountains, snow-capped peaks, tranquil valleys, cascading waterfalls, and the striking Ancascocha Lagoon. It offers panoramic views of the Urubamba and Vilcabamba ranges, featuring Veronica (5,700 meters) and Salkantay (6,271 meters). The path, dotted with remote villages, provides an intimate experience of Andean life and nature.

    The Ancascocha Trek concludes with a visit to the iconic Machu Picchu, adding an extraordinary finale to this unparalleled trekking adventure. This hidden path is not just a trek, but a journey into the heart of the Andes and a gateway to Machu Picchu’s ancient wonders.

    Overview of Ancascocha Trek

    • Pre information    : 1 to 2 days before
    • Duration                : 5 Days/ 4 Nights
    • Tour type               : Camping, adventure, and culture.
    • Walking distance  : 49km / 30.5 miles
    • Accommodation   : 3 Nights Camping /1 Night Hotel **
    • Meals                     : 4 (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
    • Maximum height   : 4620 meters / 15,150 feet)
    • Physical difficulty   : Moderate, but challenging


    trip itinerary

    ancascocha trek peru

    First Day: Cusco – Soqma-Perolnitoc- Rayanniyoc

    We know how important this vacation is for you. So, we do not want you to have any doubt or any lack during your trip towards one of the wonders of the world, therefore the guide will meet at your hotel 1 to 2 days before to give you detailed and personalized information to answer your inquiries.

    Begin your Ancascocha Trek with a 5:00 AM pickup from your hotel, as we provide private transport for the 1 hour and 45 minute drive to the SOQMA community (3,135 meters). Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by our experienced team, ready to guide you through this adventure. The trek starts with an hour’s walk on a broad, flat path (Inca plane), leading to the stunning Perolniyoc waterfall, a natural wonder perfect for a refreshing break.

    The journey then escalates to a 1 ½ hour ascent to the magnificent archaeological site of PEROLNIYOC (3,615 meters). Explore this dazzling center, steeped in history, before heading to the RAYANNIYOC camp (3,700 meters) with a 30-minute moderate hike. A delicious lunch awaits you at the camp, marking a perfect end to the first leg of your Ancascocha Trek.

    • Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
    • Accommodation: Hotel (DWB)
    • Distance: 11 km / 6.8 miles
    • Walking time: 5 hours
    • Temperature: Minimum 5 ° C (41 ° F) / max. 24 ° C (75 ° F)
    • Degree of difficulty: Easy 2/5. For 1 hour 45 minutes,
    ancascocha trek peru

    Second Day: Rayanniyoc-Pass Cuychiq’asa- Ancash Q’ocha Lagoon

    Begin your day on the Ancascocha Trek with an early rise and energizing breakfast, followed by a 4-hour ascent to the CUYCHIQ’ASA pass (4,420 meters). This trek takes you through the arid yet beautiful CHANCACHUCO meadows, vital for local Andean farmers and their livestock at high altitudes. The path features a gently undulating route, typical of the Inca flat terrain.

    Your journey continues with a 2-hour descent into a narrow valley, leading to a steep canyon carved by the Ancash Q’ocha river, offering breathtaking views. Enjoy a well-deserved lunch at an elevation of 3,800 meters amidst stunning scenery. The day’s trek concludes with an uphill journey to your campsite near the ANCASH Q’OCHA lagoon (4,100 meters), which gives its name to this remarkable route. This part of the Ancascocha Trek is not just a hike; it’s an experience that combines natural beauty with the endurance and spirit of high-altitude trekking.

    • Meals: Breakfast, lunch, lunch and dinner
    • Accommodation: Camp facilities
    • Distance: 17 km / 10.5 miles
    • Walking time: 9 to 10 hours
    • Temperature: Minimum 5 ° C (41 ° F) / max. 20 ° C (68 ° F)
    • Degree of difficulty: challenging 4/5
    Ancascocha Trek Peru

    Third Day: Ancash Q’ocha Lagoon- Yanantin Pass – Paucar Cancha

    Awaken on the Ancascocha Trek to a warm beverage amidst breathtaking Andean scenery. Post-breakfast, embark on an ascent along a narrow Inca path towards the Ancash Q’ocha pass (4,620 meters), where you’ll be greeted with majestic views of the snowy SALKANTAY peak and the expansive Andes. Gaze upon the highest pass of the classic Inca Trail in the distance.

    Your descent includes a visit to the ancient INCA RACAY site (3,960 meters), a testament to Inca heritage. After a two-hour hike, savor a delicious lunch prepared by our skilled chef. The day’s journey concludes with a gentle downhill walk to your campsite near the quaint PAUCAR CANCHA archaeological center (3,150 meters), wrapping up another memorable day on the Ancascocha Trek.

    •  Meals: Breakfast, lunch, lunch and dinner
    •  Accommodation: Camp facilities
    •  Distance: 14 km / 8.6 miles
    •  Walking time: 9 to 10 hours
    •  Temperature: Minimum -5 ° C (41 ° F) / max. 20 ° C (68 ° F)
    • Degree of difficulty: Challenge 3/5.
    ancascocha trek peru

    Fourth Day: Paucar Cancha – Piskacucho (Km 82) – Estación Ollantaytambo Station- Aguas Calientes Town

    On the final day of the Ancascocha Trek, experience a distinctive path of the Classic Inca Trail heading towards the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Post-breakfast, embark on an easy, undulating section of the trail, leading to the historic Wilca Racay (2,780 meters), a strategic military and checkpoint site overseeing Patallacta or Llactapata. Along this part of the journey, encounter numerous trekkers on the Classic Inca Trail.

    After a 2-hour hike, reach the finale at PISKACUCHO Km 82 (2,720 meters). Here, enjoy the last lunch crafted by our chef, and bid farewell to our dedicated staff. Next, a 40-minute ride takes you to the OLLANTAYTAMBO station, followed by a 1 hour 45 minute journey to AGUAS CALIENTES. Relax in a hotel and savor dinner in one of the town’s top restaurants, capping off your unforgettable Ancascocha Trek experience.

    • Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
    • Accommodation: Hotel (DWB)
    • Distance: 11 km / 6.8 miles
    • Walking time: 5 hours
    •  Temperature: Minimum 5 ° C (41 ° F) / max. 24 ° C (75 ° F)
    • Degree of difficulty: Easy 2/5.
    ancascocha trek peru

    Fifth Day: Machupicchu – Aguas Calientes Town – Cusco

    End Your Ancascocha Trek with a Sunrise Visit to Machu Picchu

    After the Ancascocha Trek, experience the magic of Machu Picchu at sunrise. Your guide will escort you from your hotel to ‘Machu Picchu’ citadel, arriving early to beat the crowds from Cusco. Immerse yourself in a tranquil 2-hour guided tour of this lost Inca city, exploring its most iconic and historical sites. Optional climbs to Waynapicchu or Machu Picchu mountains are available upon request.

    Later, descend by bus to Aguas Calientes for free time to lunch and explore. Board the Expedition train back to Ollantaytambo as per the schedule. A staff member will then ensure your safe return to your Cusco hotel, marking the end of your memorable journey on the Ancascocha Trek.”

    • Meals: Breakfast (hotel)
    • Minimum temperature:  8 ° C (39.2 ° F) / max. 26 ° C (78.8 ° F)
    • Return traveling time: 04 hours


    Ancascocha Map Leved

    ancascocha trek peru



    • Professional bilingual guide
    • Transportation – start of the trek
    • Entrance ticket for the entire trek
    • Entrance ticket to Machu Picchu
    • Hotel ** (3th night) in a double room
    • Bus service Aguas calientes – Machupicchu (round-trip)
    • Train service Expedition (round trip)
    • Food:  4 lunches, 4 dinners and 4 breakfasts
    • Cold boiled water during the walk (after each meal). You will only bring the first day until lunch
    • Mattresses
    • Shops (accommodation for 2 people)
    • Beasts of burden that will carry the equipment, food and personal things of 7 kilos or 16 pounds
    • Transportation Ollantaytambo station – Cusco Hotel
    • Oxygen balloon
    • First aid kit

    Not Included

    • Lunch on the fifth day
    • Sleeping bag (can rent from the company)
    • walking stick (can rent from the company)
    • Pillows
    • Tips for the guide and support staff

    Packing List

    Packing List Of  Ancascocha Trek

    • Original passport (the same one that you used to make the reservation)
    • Backpack (must be very comfortable to carry all your belongings during the trek)
    • Sleeping bag
    • Sleeping Bag Liner
    • Extra Flip flops or river shoes
    • Raingear or at least rain poncho
    • Outerwear for the nights like a warm jacket, scarf, gloves and a woolly cap
    • Sunscreen, hat and sunglasses.
    • Comfortable hiking shoes
    • Light clothing
    • Trekking pants
    • Shirts or t-shirts (we recommend long sleeved) preferably quick-dry or regular cotton
    • Silicone earplugs
    • Head lamp
    • Mosquito repellent
    • Quick-Drying Travel Towel
    • Personal medication
    • Walking stick with rubber bands on the tip
    • Reusable water bottle or Camelback water bladder
    • Hand sanitizer gel
    • Toilet paper
    • Extra money
    • Note: You have included transport of horse service for your personal belongings of 8 kg/17.6 pounds


    Group Service

    • $ 720.00 USD per person

    Private Service

    • 02 Hikers: $850.00 USD per person
    • 03 Hikers: $800.00 USD per person
    • 04 Hikers: $ 750.00 USD per person
    • 05 Hikers +: $ 720.00 USD per person


    • Huayna Picchu Mountain Hike: $ 75.00 USD per person
    • Machu Picchu Mountain Hike:  $ 70.00 USD per person
    • Upgrade VISTADOME Train service : $35.00 UDS

    Equipment Rental

    • Walking stick (1 pair): $ 15.00 USD
    • Sleeping bag               : $ 25.00 USD
    • Inflatable mattress    : $ 20.00 USD


    • Students aged between 18 to 24 with a valid student ID : $20 USD
    • High school students aged 11 to 17 : $30 USD

    To apply the discount, students aged 18 to 24 must provide a copy of their passport and student ID at the time of booking. For more information, contact us at

    Important info

    The Most Important Things You Need To Know

    How To Make The Booking The Ancascocha Trek?

    Allyn Pacha Peru Tours makes booking it a breeze. Just click BOOK NOW, fill out your details and select your preferred departure date – then deposit $200 per person for confirmation. Don’t forget to send us copies or photos of passports from each participant so we can purchase tickets and get permits. Once that’s done you’ll have 100% assurance that everything is ready for your incredible adventure Acascocha trek & Machu Picchu.

    What About The Rest Of The Payment Balance?

    The Ancascocha trek outstanding balance can be made at the latest one day earlier your trip in cash USD or soles. If you prefer Pay on line Visa or Pay Pal at least one week prior to your trip (plus a 7% service fee).

    outstanding balance can be made one day earlier your trip in cash USD or soles. If you prefer Pay on line Visa or Pay Pal at least one week prior to your trip (plus a 7% service fee).

    May I Change The Departure Date After The Permits Have Been Bought?

    It’s unfortunate that we cannot make this happen. Once is made the confirmation; the Ancascocha trek permits have been bough. Peruvian government is strict on ticket availability and regulations. Unfortunately, permits are not transferable or refundable so once purchased they cannot be exchanged; if you must cancel there will unfortunately no refunds available for the deposit paid.

    Do I Need To Bring My Passport?

    Yes! Its mandatory to have the original passport to be checked along the Ancascocha trek and Machu Picchu and is very important that it has to be the same passport you sent us to book your Ancascocha trek and Machu Picchu permit. In case, you are renewing your passport, please send us ASAP the copy of your old passport and bring both of them with you to secure your permit to Ancascocha tour.

    Can I Store My Luggage At Your Office?

    Of course, will be a pleasure to put away your luggage at our company storage or at your hotel that is free for customers, whichever is more convenient for you. After your return of your tour, we give you back.

    Please, make sure to bring only need things during your Ancascocha trek.


    Cade F
    Cade F
    Trip of a lifetime. 10/10. This trip and trek was an experience I will never forget. It was incredible. Elistan was the man, and quickly became someone I’m glad to be able to have spent such an incredible trip with. He’s intelligent, kind, and really cares about the people he works with. Elistan was someone that people were always happy to see on the trail as it seemed a lot of people knew the kind of person he was. This hike had me a bit nervous in time leading up to the hike, but with the calming experience of Elistan and his crews top notch service we not only completed but enjoyed every second of the hike. The 5 star meals along the way at 14000 ft are another story. Certainly wish I could eat the meals that this teams chef provided 3 times a day. I also had to be very careful during the hike because I had an engagement ring in my pack! I told Elistan about my intentions in very short notice. We discretely came up with a game plan, and I proposed at the Sun Gate. Elistan was incredible and the team in its entirety is the real reason my brand new Fiancé and I had so much fun. If you are planning a trip and want to make some memories you will have forever please take my word for it and just do it with this team. I promise you won’t forget it.
    Emily N
    Emily N
    Allyn Pacha tops the rest! Our decision to book our tours with Eli through Allyn Pacha was the best choice we have ever made while traveling. This decision made our entire experience in Peru absolutely unforgettable. From the beginning research phase, Eli was extremely responsive, answering any and all questions and offering suggestions to make the most of our itinerary and time in Peru. We (my fiance and I) ended up spending 6 days in total with Eli, touring the Sacred Valley, going on a city ruins tour around Cusco, and embarking on the 4-day Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. Eli is extremely knowledgable, funny, kind-hearted, and genuinely cares about offering amazing experiences. He has worked 20 years in the industry, and knows the ins and outs of not just history and site-seeing, but how to make experiences the most enjoyable for his guests. The service Eli provided to us on the Inca Trail was above and beyond what we saw other companies offering. We signed up for a private tour, and Eli, his chef, and team of porters took excellent care of us. Porters play an important roll on the trail, carrying food, cooking materials, sleeping tents, eating tents, and anything used on the trail. They carry heavy bags daily to ensure the guests experience is nothing short of amazing. In other companies, it is known that porters are not always treated well, or compensated fairly. It was seen that Eli takes excellent care of his porters. He noted that he was once a porter, and understands how hard they work. He makes sure they feel like an equal part of the team. Multiple times throughout the trek, porters from other companies would greet and talk to Eli. Most porters work for more than one company at a time, and many asked Eli when they could come work for him next. This to me just proves how Eli's service is phenomenal not only for his guests, but his staff as well. Before the trek, I had some nerves about how difficult it would be to complete. Eli provided me constant reassurance and explained how each day would look. We had plenty of breaks, and walked at a comfortable pace. Being just the two of us, we had complete control of our speed, and were able to slow down or speed up when needed. Additionally, Eli even helped my fiance in surprising me with a proposal at the Sun Gate! He kept the secret for the entire trek, and they secretly planned the proposal without me suspecting a thing. I cannot recommend Eli with Allyn Pacha enough. If you are looking for a small group, individualized experience, please give Allyn Pacha a chance. You will not be disappointed!
    Rachel Y
    Rachel Y
    The BEST Guide Wow, I can't say enough great things about Allyn Pacha. Our guide, Elistan, was loaded with knowledge about the areas we visited, history, and culture. He was extremely fun to be around the couple days we toured the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu. Had it not been for him, we would not have been able to visit Machu Picchu due to our last minute planning. I am beyond thankful for their expertise and guidance on this trip. I cannot wait to come back and explore more. Thank you!!
    Ethan A
    Ethan A
    Unforgettable Trek through the Andes to Machu Picchu This trek and tour of Machu Picchu was fantastic! Juan was very flexible, accommodated all of our requests, and provided a well-planned, seamless itinerary. He was very friendly, and the five of us shared many laughs along the trail. Each night he organized for us to stay with a local family, allowing us to experience the local culture and customs. At Machu Picchu Juan knew where to be and when so that we could best-experience the UNESCO site, and had endless knowledge to tap into. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!
    melissa c
    melissa c
    Eli the man who knows everything Eli is super amazing and knowledgeable. I wanted to do a Machu Picchu train tour and he was able to find tickets where as everywhere else I went told me it was sold out and the next available is a week later. He arranged a driver to pick me up from the hotel at 4 AM, got to the train station at 5:40 am and provided a cute box breakfast. The next day after the Machu Picchu tour I wanted to see alpacas and llamas, He was able to accommodate me on my last minute trip! He’s your go to guy if you ever need anything or last minute planning. He knows everyone in Peru from the ticket lady in Machu Picchu to random tour guides from other companies, to restaurants waiters, to alpacas.
    Vicent A
    Vicent A
    a perfect day in the mountains of the seven colors My wife and I went on a day trip with Elistan to visit the mountains of the 7 colors on our honeymoon, everything went perfectly. Elistan recommended that we get up very early so we could enjoy the mountains alone. He knew the area and the weather situation perfectly, so in the early morning he picked us up with a driver and a private car (for the 4 of us), he arrived 10 minutes before the start. hour to wait for us at the door, and gave us each a pillow, two blankets and two boxes with breakfast, so that we could sleep during the journey and have breakfast when we arrived at the destination. Once there we had breakfast while it began to get light and we climbed following his advice on height and physical performance. We enjoyed almost two hours of the mountains exclusively for ourselves and he explained many things to us. Afterwards we went to eat at a restaurant that I knew, it was buffet style but of quality. In the afternoon on the way to Cusco, he was explaining to us everything we wanted to know, and we stopped at a delicious bakery where we bought a loaf of chocolate-filled bread for 9 soles (€2.5) and they gave us bread and water. Finally he dropped us off at the hotel. It is highly recommended, it was like taking a trip with two friends, I hope we can return to Peru to repeat. PS: he knows about photography, the photos I upload were taken by him.
    ariell p
    ariell p
    Exploring with Allyn Pacha Had the absolute pleasure of meeting Eli and James from Allyn Pacha tours for our 15 day trip in Peru. Eli is extremely knowledgeable and so accommodating! He truly goes above and beyond for his travelers and assures you have a wonderful experience! He is excited to show you around and share his knowledge and secretes in order to miss the crowds and see incredible views. I cannot say enough how impressed I was with their hospitality and patience with our large group. I have gained a friend in Eli and I will be visiting him when I return to Cusco for another adventure packed trip! Eli you are wonderful! See you next time!!!
    Eve H
    Eve H
    One day Ince Trail - DO IT, it's absolutely amazing!! I'd heard about the Inca Trail, wanted to do it, but didn't have the four days needed for it...and then I stumbled across the one day option that Allyn Pacha offers, and I'm so glad that I did. The last 7.5 miles of the trek are stunning, and coming to Machu Picchu through the Sun Gate was nothing short of magical. Initially I'd been a little worried about being the only person on the trek...what if the guide was awkward and I was stuck with them ALL day?!...but Eli is the BEST. He's funny, sweet, engaging, and so knowledgable. Was able to answer every question I had, he is a wealth of information. We hiked on a day when there was a lot of mist, and he was like a mist ninja - knew exactly when and where to wait, for how long, so that I could see all the sights and get all the pictures that one dreams of when going on this journey. This is going to sound cheesy, but - it was truly an experience of a lifetime.
    Sara Manley
    Sara Manley
    Truly an incredible experience!!! Eli is absolutely the best! I highly recommend this company. I spent 2 days with Eli visiting the different Inca sites and touring the Sacred Valley. Eli went in-depth about the Inca culture and history. It was a very custom and special experience. Will definitely be back to do his other tours!
    mark s
    mark s
    Classic Inca Trail I cannot recommend Elistan enough. I did the classic Inca trail with my two daughters, both in their twenties and can honestly say it was of the highlights of my life! Elistan is knowledgable, hard working and caring and make sure we had a fantastic trip. Thank you!

    Ancascocha Trek Peru

    Type of Tour
    Camping, adventure, and culture
    Duration: 5 Days
    Activity Level
    Moderate, but challenging
    From: 720 USD Per Person
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