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    Trip description

    The Inca Empire’s Capital

    Explore in a half day “City Tour Cusco”

    Cusco, Peru, is a city that never ceases to astound travelers due to its rich cultural legacy, which is what makes it such a captivating destination. Because of its history, which dates back more than three thousand years, it is the community in South America that bears the title of being the oldest inhabited settlement.

    Cusco, which is the archeological center of the continent, is able to combine the continuing legacy of Spanish colonization with the rich traditions of the Inca culture in a way that is seamless. To put it simply, Cusco has something to offer each and every tourist, whether it is the opportunity to indulge in mouthwatering local food or to wonder at ancient marvels like the Sacsayhuaman stronghold. The City Tour of Cusco offers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to explore the fascinating history that can be found in every nook and cranny of this lovely place, and it is very opportune to take advantage of aclimatization for your next tours.

    Overvew Of City  Tour Cusco

    Places visited in the city

    • Temple of the sun or Qoricancha (Golden Palace)
    • Cathedral

    Places visited around the city

    • Sacsayhuaman
    • Qenqo
    • Pukapukara
    • Tambomachay


    trip itinerary

    City Tour Cusco Itinerary

    After lunch, at 1:00 pm, we will pick you up at your hotel to begin the city tour. Visiting first:

    Qorikancha (The Golden Enclosure): A temple originally built by the Incas and later transformed into a Catholic church. Here, you’ll find impressive stone walls and artifacts from centuries ago.

    After a 40-minute stay, we will walk 15 minutes to the Cathedral of the Virgen of Asunción.

    The cathedral, whose construction began in 1560, was built on top of the Inca Wiracocha palace. This colonial monument is a marvel that expresses colonial architecture and its religious art, showing approximately 300 paintings from the Cusqueñan School painters.

    Afterwards, we will continue our excursion by riding our own vehicle on a 20-minute ride to the archaeological site of Sacsayhuaman.

    Sacsayhuaman: impressive construction built on megalithic engraved stones. Its architecture reflects the value and importance it had during Inca times. After a 15-minute ride, we will visit Qenqo.

    Qenqo means labyrinth. It was used as an Inca adoration center for offerings and sacrifices. Then, we will visit

    Puca Pucara (reddish fort): used as a fort. Its name is the result of the amount of iron on its land, which gives it a reddish color. We will then head towards the following destination, Tambomachay.

    Tambomachay (Temple of Water): adoration center for the cult of water. We will finally return to the city of Cusco, with an impressive panoramic view along the way and a detailed view of the city of Cusco.

    And if that isn’t enough, you can head there that night to enjoy a typical regional dance show. All is included in the service (visit optional).

    Visited City Tour Cusco Altitud

    • Cusco Altitud: 10990 ft/ 3350 mts
    • Saqsaywaman Altitud: 11742 ft/ 3579 mts
    • Tambomachay Altitud : 12139 ft /3700 mts



    • Professional tour guide
    • Round trip transportation
    • Entrance to all tourist attractions

    Not Included

    • Lunch
    • Snacks
    • Water
    • Tips

    Packing List

    Essential Items For The Machu Picchu Tour By Train

    • Water
    • Small backpack
    •  Sunscreen, hat and sunglasses.
    • Outerwear
    • Rain coat  or rain poncho
    • Comfortable hiking shoes
    • Toilet paper·
    • Extra money


    City Tour Cusco Cost

    Private Service

    • 02 people: $100.00 USD
    • 03 people: $95.00 USD
    • + 04 people: $90.00 USD

    Group Service

    $ 90.00 USD per person

    Important Note:

    Group size: Up to 28 people.

    Guiding service: Available in several languages.

    Extra Info For City Tour Cusco Tickets

    Cathedral ticket

    • Foreign adults: S/. 40 (US $ 11).
    • Foreign Children: S/. 25 (US $ 7.00).
    • Foreign students with Student ID Card: S/. 25 (US $ 7.00).

    Sun temple ticket

    • Adults: S/. 30 soles (US $ 8)
    • Students: S/. 15 soles (US $ 4)
    • Children under 10 years: FREE

    Tourist Partial Ticket BTP  (saqsaywaman, qenqo, tambomachay and puca pucara)

    • Price: S/70.00 soles
    • Children under 10 years: FREE

    City Tour Cusco

    Type of Tour
    Duration: Full Day
    Activity Level
    From: 90 USD Per Person
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